The BBV LINE which fully automates the ham processing line, from the injection & tenderizing & automatic loading/unloading of the tumbling/massaging thermoreactors, throughout the entire stuffing & clippings lines. METALQUIMIA has successfully set up several BBV installations in different countries yielding in the highest productivity rates in the world meat market.
Interested in the BBV LINE?


  • Entirely integrated, compact and continuous process
  • Offer super high productivity and performance
  • Provide maximum ratio"kilos processed / space required"
  • Provide minimum ratio"initial investment / kilos processed"
  • Offer full versatility (in products and processes)
  • Maximize automation and traceability
  • Allow total control of processing parameters
  • Minimize manpower and prevent human errors
  • Transport matured meat without conveyors
  • Ensure meat maturation and color development
  • Guarantee end product uniformity, quality and safety
  • Offer maximum easiness of cleaning and sanitation
  • METALQUIMIA'S state-of-the-art technology

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