VARIOVAC MLP-Prepacks (patented)

Multilayer Prepacks of cold cuts
with longer shelf life on VARIOVAC thermoformers

Multilayer Prepacks of
cold cuts with longer shelf life
on VARIOVAC thermoformers
The number of single households is
steadily growing. As a consequence,
people are buying smaller quantities
of food, but still like to have a good
selection. Following this trend the so called prepacks of fresh cold cuts and cheese slices are getting more and more populär. VARIOVAC developed the MultiL
ayer-prepack (MLP) with a longer shelf life, that are produced on
VARIOVAC thermoformers.
The VARIOVAC MLP prepack is a pack with 4-sealed sides, containing two layers of cold cuts up to a total weight of approx. 150 g. The interlayer means you can have delicious mixed pack- ages with different cold cuts or cheese
slices. A single layer of this prepack
can be individually opened leaving
the fresh cold cuts for their subsidiaries. Central pre-packing is more eco- nomical and guarantees better hygienic conditions than at the delicatessen counter in the supermarkets, thus freeing up counter staff. The centrally pre- packed cold cuts can be weighed and price marked before they are delivered to the subsidiaries. Unusable cuts – which are unavoid- able in the subsidiaries – are no longer a problem because they remain in the production chain.
The VARIOVAC MLP evacuated and
gas-flushed prepacks result in a longer shelf life and fresh and attractive appearance of the packed products. You can now enlarge the choice to your customer to buy either cold cuts directly from the delicatessen or the well known end-user pack or these new
trendy VARIOVAC MLP prepacks.
An individually designed MultiLayer pack
for a Norwegian customer: The non-sticky overlayer of a separately affixed label makes the opening more easier.
Pack size and hanging hole facility represent the typical Norwegian pack design.

packaging of freshly cooked hot dishes
on VARIOVAC thermoformers

VARIOVAC freshpacks
A concept for canteens and production kitchens
Freshly cooked hot menue compo-
nents, like sauces, soups, meat- and
fish dishes, vegetables etc., are filled
at high temperature (80 – 95°C )
into heat-resistant film moulds of a
thermoforming machine. The filling /
dosing can either be done manually or

automatic by a dosing feeder.
The advantage of this packaging con- cept is based on the high filling tem- perature of the freshly cooked dishes.
The high temperature avoids a bacte- rial contamination during the period of the filling and sealing process. In the sealing station a specific hot steam flush replaces oxygen from the pack before the sealing process. After sealing the result is a vacuum-like pack.
The packed hot dishes are immedi-
ately cooled down through an icewa- ter-dipping bath or a shock chilling process from high filling temperature down to a core temperature of + 3°C. By this method the most natural and
hygienic preservation is reached,

served, the closed VARIOVAC fresh- packs are smoothly regenerated. The sizes of the freshpacks correspond to the international gastronome sizes
of 300 grs – 2500 grs. They offer most possible flexibility in respect to the distribution, transportation and alloca- tion / ordering system. As additional positive arguments can be named the low material costs per freshpack and the savings for cleaning the stainless steel GastroNorm containers. We can specify these further advantages of the freshpacks:

• no optical mutations or ugly dried
out rims during cool storage
• no cross contamination during
cool storage
• comfortable quantity control due
to countable portions of each type
of product
• easy distribution- and transportation system without time consuming cleaning of transportation containers
• high flexibility for lots of different
combinations, especially for à la
carte menues, e.g. for pasta and
• standardized and controlled recipes
and also filling and packaging
processes offer constant quality.

VARIOVAC Primus, the multifunctional, convenient and approved vacuum packaging machine
The VARIOVAC Primus is a versatile, high-capacity machine. Whether you need semi-rigid or flexible packages, food, non-food or medical disposables, the proven capability of the Primus can offer the right solution for your requirements. The modular construction and the variety of machine widths give an almost infinite number of packaging options.
Siemens S 7 SPS controller; simple software replacing by exchangeable memory cards
• Siemens S 7 SPS controller; simple software replacing by exchangeable memory cards

pneumatic brake for top and bottom film
• top film fixing station (option) for smoother handling especially in case of preprinted top film
• integrated cooling system (option): no water connection, no water consumption
• changing of dies: quick and easy by insertable dividing webs and sealing frames
• manual adjustment of speed (via touchscreen)
• guillotine cuts with simple exchange of knife-sets: zig-zag, serrated or perforation cutting for flexible and semi-rigid film
• combi-punch with easy change from semi-rigid packages with round corners to flexible packages