Marinating System



The DRYBINDER unit has been designed to reduce the post-injection draining time in order to facilitate packaging of the meat immediately after being processed by said unit, since it is a proven fact that the greatest loss of brine injected in the muscle fibers takes place in the first ten minutes after injection and completely stops one hour after having been injected.

The exclusive design of the DRYBINDER drum produces a mechanical effect on the meat that forces drainage of the brine that has not been absorbed by the meat tissues. A slight massaging effect is also produced on the muscle mass, which provides better brine retention, minimizing signs of needle marks, thereby offering a product with better appearance, improved organoleptic quality and longer shelf life.

The drained brine is collected in a tray located on the lower part of the drum, allowing it to be recycled and sent back to the filter. At the outlet of the DRYBINDER unit the meat is transferred to the packaging lines.

The DRYBINDER is made up of a perforated plate drum, which is equipped with small baffles that keep the meat in continual movement. It is highly recommended for use with bacon, loin and whole chicken or parts.

Meat processing time in the DRYBINDER can be modified by adjusting the rotation speed and the tilt of the drum.


the MARINATOR massagers are equipped with a very gentle massaging system of high operating versatility, which allows them to marinate very delicate meats with optimum distribution and very effective penetration / absorption of the marinade within the meat muscle. Highly recommended for those marinating processes in which injection is not advisable due to the special characteristics of the raw material (size, fragility,etc..).

The MARINATOR massager has also been designed for conditioning and/or marinating a wide variety of products, bone-in or boneless, of pork, beef, poultry or seafood. Thanks to the innovative design of its baffles, it has shown great efficiency in processes of impregnation, coating (oils, aromas, spices, etc,etc..) , battering, smoking, rehydration and/or cryogenic freezing of meat and food products in general.



The MARINATOR is also an indispensable element in METALQUIMIA's Tempering and Thawing Technology which provides, by means of a correct combination of thermal and vacuum cycles, control of the meat's movement inside the massager, with software developed expressly for this purpose, and fast and uniform final cooling, guaranteeing the attainment of a high-quality thawed raw material that is very suitable for injection.


Fully electric drive system with technological simplicity of all components for maximum operativity and minimum maintenance.
Adjustable drum speed.
On-line control of the meat maturation temperature.
Incorporated controlled refrigeration.
Automatic vacuum level control.
Loading by suction or by lift.
Inner walls mirror polished for better sanitation.
Its unique system of maximum tilting of the drum facilitates quick unloading, indispensable for obtaining products without foam.
Programmable massaging and automatic balancing cycles for each type of product with complete control of all process parameters and assisted maintenance.