Added value through marinating

1. Reasons to convince the customers for such RAPS products
2.RAPS options for marinating food
3.Maripur Marinades
4.Marifix Marinades
5.Magic Spiced Oils
6.Marinox Marinades
7.Dry Marinades
8.Decor seasonings
9.Marination examples for the RAPS BBQ

1. Reasons to convince the food processors for such RAPS products

-- Nicer appearance in the meat/fish counter than non-marinated meat/fish
--Colorful meat or fish attracts customers also to buy other products from the point of sales (cross selling)
-- Portfolio extension
-- Being interesting for customers with new flavours always

-- Higher profit achievable: customers accept higher price, outstanding flavor profile, differentiation from competitors
--Goes along with the trends to convenience food, single households, cooking at home, discovering new tastes through cooking programs on TV
-- Marination can be done even at low costs (e.g. dry marinades)
-- Outstanding quality of RAPS marinades


2. RAPS options for marinating food:
Liquid marinades:
- Maripur
- Marifix
- Magic
- Marinox
Powder form marinades:
-Dry marinade compounds
- Décor seasonings

3. Maripur (water based)
#578 Spare ribs
#462 Game marinade
#580 Curry
#606 Barbecue

mainly suitable for oven
-- dishes (due to a significant
-- sugar content product can
-- burn easy when frying/BBQing)
dosage: 150g/kg


4. Marifix (water based)
Marifix = Maripur tuned with vegetables
#524 Grilled vegetables
#459 Shanghai
#564 Tuscany
#593 Bell pepper

mainly suitable for oven & especially
-- for stir fry dishes

dosage: 400g/kg


5. Magic spiced oil (oil based)

#722 Magic Garlic
#712 Magic Onion
#383 Magic Pink Pepper
#707 Magic Gyros
#905 Magic Curry
#1084 Chilli Willy

--perfect for BBQing and frying

dosage: 60-80g/kg


7. Dry marinades

Dry marinades are dry seasonings who can be turned into liquid marinades by adding water and/or oil:


--easy to use and perfect for industrial applications / tumbling
-- only 200g compound for 1 litre of marinade
-- most economical way for marinating: 1kg of dry marinade compound (= 5-6 EUROs) to be stirred with water/oil = 5 litres of marinade = enough to spice up 50-60kgs of food
-- lower transport costs
-- less storage space needed
-- longer expiry date

Popular dry marinade:
#78265 Dry marinade hot
Mix 20% seasoning with 40% water and 40% oil and stir to achieve a homogenous marinade. Predominant flavor: Chili, garlic, pepper; suitable for chicken, lamb, beef and fish products.
Dosage rate: 100-130g marinade per kg


8. Decor seasonings

special spice mixes
---without salt
---with salt
---with encapsulated salt
longer expiry dates than liquid products
universal use


9. Marination examples for the RAPS BBQ

Pork Neck: Chilli Willy #1084
Chicken Breast: Dry marinade hot #78265
Chicken Wings: Chicken wings extra hot #79624/01
Chicken legs: Cajun #37201
Lamb chops: Magic Gyros #707
Beef: Pink pepper liquid #383 and #379