Important general information


-- Lab requests
-- Ordering
-- Packaging
-- Expiry dates

1. Lab requests!
-- Exact description of customers requirements (new development or modification of existing product, liquid or powder form product, oil or water soluble, taste profile, detailed application, packaging type, final product)
-- Price level --Order volume potential per year --Latest delivery date for sample --Sample size & final packaging size --Conformity with special food law or customer requirements(e.g. MSG-free, allergen policies etc.)
--Halal / Kosher suitability
--Specification needed ?
--Product name

2. Ordering
Standard items
Special items
Requirements from distributors

2.1 Ordering of Standard items --Standard items = have mostly 3digits codes --Always in stock --Also small quantities available --4 lingual label in German / English / French / Flamish --To promote always at first at customers due to best availability --Advantage in costs due to production on largest machines --Short expiry possible due to First in / First out warehouse procedure 2. Ordering of Special items --Special items = customized or culture-bound products --Not in stock, freshly produced when order is placed --Always full expiry dates --Minimum order quantity powder form products = 150kgs --Minimum order quantity liquid products = 400kgs 2.3 Packaging --Standard packaging --Customized packaging: feasibility check needs to be done first

3. Packaging: Standard packaging