Tray Sealer


Fully-Automatic Tray Sealer Linus 560

Fully-Automatic Tray Sealer Linus 560
Linus is a fully automatic tray sealer for all sealable, prefabricated trays. Via synchronization with the tray destacker, labeller and printer, filling systems and pick and place robots, Linus meets high industrial requirements.
The maximum tray size is 500 x 280 x 130 mm. The output speed depends on the size of the trays and the packaging type (sealing, MAP). The basic machine is made of stainless steel and aluminium parts and is fitted with a walking beam system. The length of the loading area is optional between 2 and 6 free cycles.
Linus is constructed in accordance with the latest hygiene rules. For ease of cleaning and maintenance, the side panels can be completely removed and the covers can be folded up. For easy cleaning the conveyor belt is completely removable.
Operation is simple and self-explanatory via the touch screen. Innovations include tool-less die change with centrally adjustable side guides and the modular top sealing device, whereby an individual sealing plate is being assigned to each tray.

Linus can also be equipped with the following options:

  • insidecut,
  • cutting with tear flap,
  • print mark control,
  • liquid separator,
  • O2 safety device,
  • skin facility,
  • particle filter,
  • ethernet connection for monitoring of operation data.

Technical Details
operation swivel 7.5" touch screen, different languages can be selected by pressing a button, 80 storable programs film diameter 300 mm,ø film core 3" / 76 mm
film transport elektromotive, unwinding and rewinding of film by pneumatic mandrel vacuum pump Busch, 63-300 m3/h pneumatics Festocompressed air demanded 6 bar min. output up to 15 cycles/min˜60 trays/min
Subject to technical alterations.
Made in Germany

  • higher efficiency than the conventional drawer-system
  • continuous working process without standby time
  • simple changing of format dies
  • small footprint
  • perfect product presentation

Great flexibility is given due to the fact that the Rotarius VG seals trays made from all kind of different material (PP, PET, PS, aluminium and laminated carton). The chosen lidding film must correspond to the characteristics of the trays. For even more attractive product presentation you can also employ printed lidding film and film coding on the Rotarius VG. Changing from one tray size to another is done easily and without any tools.

The manual turntable enables high efficiency; whilst the exchange of atmosphere is made in the sealing-/cutting station, the sealed and contour cut trays can be unloaded and new filled trays placed into the loading/unloading station. Residual film will be automatically coiled and removed. By standard the Rotarius is equipped with a special O2-security device for safe O2-flushing for fresh and read meat products.

Technical Data
control Siemens S7, handling via touch screen
electr. connection 3L/N/PE, 400 V/50 Hz, max. 7 kW
compressed air 6 bar @ 28 Ltrs per min.
possible tray sizes 1, 2, 4 and 6 - fold, max tray height: 100 mm
cycles 4-8 cycles/min., depending on tray size
vacuum / gas / seal
vacuum pump BUSCH 63 m3/h pump integrated
pneumatic Festo / Univer
film diameter max. 300 mm
weight approx. 450 kgs
space required 1.6 m2
Subject to technical alterations.
Made in Germany