" Next Step to Premium Quality "

Ruampat .,Co,Ldt has been in the business of Food industry for over 20 year. We are family business who works as the intermediate company between European manufacturer and our value customer in Thailand. We have grown side by side with our food industry customer. We are representative of world class food machinery such as Metalquimia , Variovac , Shiwa ,and Top brand spice producer "RAPS". Together we proudly present you the excellent whole muscle ham and meat processing line, from SME to Mega food producer with fully automatic line. As a family owned business, we continue to build our commitment to Quality, Reliability, Durability and Customer service Ruampat strives to offer quality equipment and products with expert support teams that never neglect the important of exceptional after sale service, training for each customer and research for further more development in each sale that insulation equipment industry needs now and in the future. We are committed to delivering the highest quality efficient food line equipment and products to our customers resulting in a mutually beneficial relationship. Our goal standards have to be exceeding your expectations. . As our business grow, we are proud to be a great helping hand for our customer to take the " next step to premium quality."

Located in Girona, Spain, and founded in 1971, METALQUIMIA is considered by its customers all over the world to be a global leader in technology and manufacture of complete turn-key lines for the production of meat products

Our company was founded in 1970 as a trading company. After our move to Zarrentin in October 1995 we started with the production of our own vacuum-packaging machines with 19 colleagues in the middle of 1996. In the meantime a staff of 102 members is busy with developing, producing, selling and servicing our VARIOVAC thermoformers of high technical standard. Our machines pack mainly food products, principally meat, sausages and cheese, in more than 56 countries worldwide. VARIOVAC subsidiaries in Poland, UK and Denmark as well as regularly trained associates organize the sale and service in the respective countries. The conceptual design of complete packaging lines is done with our reliable partners.
Dipl.-Ing. Schindler & Wagner GmbH & Co KG is a family-owned enterprise operating worldwide for the past 45 years, producing custom-built, special and standardized slicing and packing lines plants in the pre-packed, sliced sausage-, ham-, bacon-, meat- and cheese line of business. Using SCHIWA's high-performance machines allows you to reach any goals in marketing and adapt to any modification of these goals. Your business will be superior to any other business of the industry, in terms of technology and technique, industrial safety and hygiene standards, output and productivity - a sound basis for the manufacturing and economic success of your company .
At present RAPS employs more than 600 employees in their 25,000 m² headquarter in Kulmbach, Bavaria. RAPS has 12 subsidiaries and more than 30 distributors worldwide. RAPS supplies the leading manufacturers of the food and meat processing industries, catering, retail and butcher shops. As a business to business partner we offer - as well as our standard seasoning blends - tailor-made seasonings and concepts. RAPS has the largest flavour laboratory in Europe and customers are welcome to visit.