Defrosting Tumbler

Horizontal feeder to load the frozen meat into the defrosting tumbler. Equipped with as many guides as tumblers there are to feed in the defrosting line, includes a mobile chute to feed the tumbler.
System: Fully hydraulic drive system with technological simplicity of all components for maximum operability and minimum maintenance.
Adjustable drum speed and incorporated with refrigeration system automatically operated.
Mirror polished interior finishing. Its unique system of maximum tilting of the drum facilitates quick unloading, indispensable for obtaining products with no foam.
Adjustable automatic vacuum level.
Programmable defrosting and balancing cycles for each type of product with complete control of all process parameters and assisted maintenance.
Steam feeder entering directly into the tumblers, with pressure reduction valve and automatic control on the steam quantity to be added. Automatic proportional valve to regulate different vacuum levels during the defrosting process.