How to


Fresh Meat Injection

There are several points of interest, to inject fresh natural meat, like chicken, beef or pork meat. The most important points are:

Better juiciness (Quality reason) Better tenderness (Quality reason) More weight after injection (economical reason) Less cooking loss (economical reason)

Raps developed a special product to inject fresh meat between 15 and 40 %, depending on the part of the meat and the quality you want to achieve.

#91402 Cooked Ham Fibre
based on Hydrokolloids and fibres
Applicable for all kinds of meat
High injection rates (10-40 %)
Neutral taste

How to inject?

- Low pressure and low speed for high yield
- Low pressure and fast speed for lower yield
- Fresh injected meat should rest for 4-6 hours
- Injected meat which will be frozen, freeze immediatly
ICQ after injection.
- Loss weight:
3-5 % at 25 % injection
5-8 % at 35-40 % injection
after 24 hours

Preparation of the brine:
4-5 kg Cooked Ham Fibre #91402 (depends on injection level)
2 2,7 kg Salt (depends on the injection level and final product)
92,3-93,0kg Water (2-4 °C)
Stir the Cooked Ham Fibre in the water until it is dissolved
Add the salt always at the end and dissolve it completely